Innovation is no monkey business !!

Innovation is no monkey business!! - Art Labs

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“The truth is it’s not the idea. It’s never the idea. It’s always what you do with it” said Neil Gaiman.

What is innovation?

Like any other form of creation or creativity, innovation is not a simple task. Often we believe ‘innovation’ is all about new ideas – the seed or thought. But it is equally important for the idea to be realized. Impregnating with a seed and giving birth to a child are two distinct operations, each with its own set of difficulties. A novel thought without any action remains just that: a thought.

What does it take?

The art of innovation takes clear understanding of the current scenario, building adaptive, forward-looking strategies and meticulous planning to cover all possible scenarios.

Apart from the above, people who have been in a domain long enough; the folks who understand the nuances of a situation, are quintessential in making innovation happen. However, their role should be similar to that of a referee or lineman in a football game, observing and occasionally flagging any deviations from the rules of the business.

Is it easy?

There are different difficulties at each stage of the innovation funnel. Careful treading is essential. An open mind and an open eye are prerequisites. Beyond all, the tenacity that comes with obsession to change things is top priority. Imagine yourself stuck in a traffic jam, with an urgent need to get to the airport. The trick is to ensure that attitude is not lost.

Where we come in?

We can help you in multiple ways: we can help understand the play-field, create a game suitable to your needs with its own playbook and eventually play the role of the lineman.

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